How to Make an Impact With Live Video

The business world is an ever changing landscape of new trends, concepts, ideas, and ways to serve your audience. As a business owner you are challenged everyday to keep up. The latest trend in social media is using live video on Facebook, Periscope, Instagram, among others to deliver a message to your customers or fans.

Now that live video is the latest thing in social media, the challenge is to use this tool to help your customers, grow your audience, and make an impact in the world. This post is going to help you get started and to help you make an impact with live streaming video.

How to Increase Email Open Rates

Four strategies to ensure your customers read your email.

You’re a busy business owner that works really hard every day to make money, increase your profits, and provide for your family. You’re diligent about collecting information from your customers, like email addresses. It’s a critical part of your marketing efforts. Because you’re working so hard, you want to make sure as many people read your emails you send, but how do you increase email open rates?

How to Increase Email Open Rates

It’s frustrating. You put out forms to fill out in your store, on your website, and through social media. Even though your email is great, for some reason it doesn’t get read like you hoped. This post will show you the top techniques to ensure that your messages are opened, read, and acted on.

Social Media Success in Just 30 Minutes a Day

Recently I spoke at a conference about social media for local business owners. In this question and answer session, a very busy businesswoman emphatically threw up her hands and said, “But, who’s got time for all this?” With all there is to do in a business you may be asking yourself the same thing, “How can I see social media success in my business?”. How can you keep all the existing stuff going and have time to use social media too? This is perhaps the most popular question I hear when talking to owners, that they just don’t seem to have the time to do it well.

social media success

I could sense her frustration. It seemed to her that you had to spend hours on every platform and do nothing but be on Facebook or Twitter all day to be successful. Really, though, you only need to devote no more than thirty minutes a day to be successful on social media. In this post I’ll share with you how you can be successful in social media in only thirty minutes a day.

What Exactly is the Value of a Facebook Like?

Business owners seem to always want more. More followers, more likes, more email subscribes, more numbers. The rationale is that the more people you have the more money you’ll make. I’m certainly of the same mindset as I start and write blog posts and speak to businesses about using the internet to grow their business. I want to share my message with as many people too. It’s just natural to have bigger followings, larger lists, and bigger venues. But I recently had someone ask, “Jonathan, what’s the value of a Facebook Like?”

value of a facebook like

The question is a valid one. Marketers have to prove conversion rates and return on investment when it comes to a variety of metrics like audience size. Many business owners think that the number of likes or follows indicate that they should be able to sell more, do more, and get more product to people. In this post I’ll share with you some research and my own thoughts.