Five Reasons You Need Your Own Website

Five Reasons You Need A Website

[dropcap background=”” color=”” circle=”0″ size=”3″]A[/dropcap]business, brand, or cause has the option of getting online in many different forms. A business could start using LinkedIn to develop it’s business-to-business leads. A brand could use a Twitter account to start growing their audience.  A cause could choose to take out a Facebook page to start communicating with their customers or audience.   While all those options are a good choice, this post will share with you five reasons why you need your own website.

While yes, you may start your business on any of these social media accounts while you’re just starting out there will be a time when you will want to move up to a fully functional web presence. I believe you’ll want to do this sooner than later.

But, what exactly do I mean by a web presence? What I mean by a web presence is a fully functional website that is hosted on a web server.

Your Website is a Property You Control

First, by creating your own web presence  you’ll be establishing a fixed piece of “property” that you’ll have complete control over. When Facebook changes it’s algorithm your web presence will stay the same. When Twitter changes their timeline your tweets may not show up, but your web presence will still be seen by anyone who types in your address.  Think of it as real estate or owning your own home.

Your Website is a Platform You Create

Second, creating your own web presence will give you as much flexibility as you wish to create your own platform on the web. You’re only limited by your imagination and your budget. With Facebook or Twitter you are at the whim of their design teams and can only be as useful and functional as they allow. However, when you own your own property you can do whatever you want to do with it. There are no limitations.

Your Website is a Personality You Curate

Third, when you have your own web presence you can fully control your brand and how people perceive you. When personal branding is of utmost importance, your web presence is the chief tool to use. You can define yourself on your website using your own colors, fonts, design, and content. You are able to curate the very best of yourself and publish this to the web.

Your Website is a Possibility for Commerce

Fourth, you’ll want to have your own website to sell your own products of services online.  Lots of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. do allow you to publish content to the web whether in the form of Text, Photos, Videos, or Audio, many social media sites do not allow you to sell your products or services to your audience. I do know that Facebook recently has allowed you to sell on Facebook, and Pinterest has the Buy Now button. However, Pinterest’s buy now button is in beta and not yet available to everyone.

As a business or brand, you probably have products to sell or a service to provide. Therefore, you need to have your own website to sell products or services.

Your Website is the Power to Communicate

Fifth, and most importantly, your web presence is the best way you can communicate to your audience. You aren’t constrained by whatever social media accounts you have have available to you. Some only allow you the ability to communicate one way, the way they create their platform to used. You are able to combine all forms of media, print, video, audio, into one package. Using your website you can store your files so that no matter what happens, your content is always available to you and your audience.


There you have it, five reasons to have your own website. A property you control, a platform you create, your personality you curate, the possibility for commerce, and the power to communicate.

What other reasons are there? Do you agree with this post? If yes, why? If not, why not?

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