About That Website: Reviews on Two Tools

Two Tools to Create Your Website

[dropcap background=”” color=”” circle=”0″ size=”3″]W[/dropcap]hen you create your online presence, you’ll no doubt be faced with a myriad of choices for creating your website. There are literally hundreds of ways to solve the problem of creating and maintaining your website. While you could spend hours researching and comparing these solutions it’s my hope that this post will help you cut through some clutter and make an informed decision about which solution to use.

Right now there are about four possible solutions to your website that this post will discuss. This post will provide you reviews on two tools for your site.  First, the self hosted WordPress site. Second, a site hosted through Squarespace.

Before starting out with the creation of your website, you should consider the following:

  • What is your budget for both the design and construction of your website?
  • Who will be responsible for maintaining the site, in-house or outside agency?
  • Will you be using your site to sell products or services?
  • How familiar are you or your team with technology, including coding (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP)?

These questions will help you decide the right solution for you. With websites, there is no set solution for everyone.

Create your Website Through WordPress


WordPress is really a piece of software that you download and install to your own website host. It is used to manage your website’s content, the text, photos, videos, and other assets that appears on your website. The software was originally used for bloggers who wanted to post articles on their blogs. It now has evolved into the system to use to maintain and manage a website that has a blog capability.

WordPress can be used on a site for a solopreneur’s business and can scale up to be used for a large business with thousands of workers and many different departments. It’s really quite powerful.

Websites that are built on WordPress use a Theme which is the way the site looks to the visitor. Some are free and some are paid. If none of the themes work for you, you can hire a designer to design and code a custom theme for your business.

While WordPress works pretty well straight out of the box, there are a multitude of plugins that help add functionality to your site.

WordPress is a tool that can be used by beginners and advanced users alike, but there requires some things to use this tool.

  • You have to have your own website host.
  • You have to install a Theme for your website to show on the Internet
  • You will have to install Plugins for any additional functionality you might need.


  • WordPress is free for everyone to use so the barrier to entry is low
  • There is a wealth of information available and a huge community of developers and users for help and advise
  • You can make WordPress do anything you can think of
  • There are thousands of themes and plugins to choose from


  • WordPress requires you to have a website host
  • Using WordPress may require you to enlist the help of a developer for higher end websites
  • Some may feel that WordPress may not be the best system to manage a website

Create Your Website Through Squarespace


Squarespace is a fully functioning website publishing platform that is fully hosted by Squarespace on Squarespace’s servers. It’s a really slick platform to use for a website for just about any business, brand, or cause. Websites that are built on this platform take advantage of a subscription style service and can be as simple as a one page site, a full website, or a complete e-commerce solution. For anywhere from $7-70 a month, you can have a website that packs a lot of punch.

Subscribers to Squarespace have a choice of 35 different website themes, much like WordPress, and enjoy a “drag and drop” editor with many different content types to choose from.  Much like WordPress, you can edit your website from anywhere you have an internet connection.

To use Squarespace, pretty much all you need is a credit card and a computer you won’t need to download plugins or install any additional pieces.


  • Cutting edge website templates
  • Ease of use of platform
  • Everything you need is included, social media, analytics


  • Your website is hosted on their servers, so what happens if they decide to go out of business?
  • You may not be able to do exactly what you want on your site
  • You are limited to 35 layouts


WordPress and Squarespace are two of the hottest Website creation tools on the web today. They each have their own strengths and their own weakness. It’s up to you to figure out which makes the most sense for your organization or business.

Question for you is this, which would you prefer to use for your website? Comment below!

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