Making Sense of Email Marketing

Did you know that the first form of social media is Email? Email is still the most powerful way to market to your clients, increase your sales and engage your audience.

Email marketing can be complicated, hard to manage, and difficult to keep up with. However, in this talk I’ll make sense of email marketing, why it’s necessary, and how to easily maintain a good email marketing program.

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Taming Your Wild Website

The most important piece of your online communication platform is your website. It’s crucial that your website function properly, look professional, and convert visitors to leads, and leads to sales.

In this talk I’ll share with you best practices for managing a website and how to make it perform to your expectations.

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Top Trends in Social Media

Social media is an ever changing landscape. New platforms come online, existing ones change, and some go away. It’s a constant struggle to keep up with new technology.

Fortunately, I am able to speak on the ever evolving trends and new things that are happening right now and whether they make sense for you to jump on the new “thing” in social media.

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