Four Essential Steps for Email Marketing

[dropcap font=”” size=”3″ background=”” color=”” circle=”0″ transparent=”0″]E[/dropcap]mail marketing is the most powerful piece in your business’s marketing toolkit. With a good email marketing list your business can build a relationship with your audience, establish your expertise by giving valuable information, and directly sell your products and services. All three things you need to be successful in business.

With all the power you have at your disposal with an email list, doesn’t it makes sense to start using email marketing? But, how do you get started and avoid mistakes that others make? Surely you have seen people do it well and others fail. You’ve subscribed to other email lists and over time, unsubscribed because of one reason or another.  In this post I’ll share with you four essential steps for Email Marketing success.

First, create an awesome email marketing incentive to subscribe

Your potential customer likely is very guarded when it comes to giving out his or her contact information because they don’t want to be inundated by spammy emails. However, if he or she sees something that is of value they may decide to sign up for your list. That’s where an email incentive comes in. Examples might be:

  • A music sampler download that is only available for email subscribers
  • An ebook or series of videos on starting a journey towards wine appreciation
  • A short guide on how to protect a computer from viruses and failure
  • A how-to on putting outfits together and accessorizing them with products you sell

The point is to create something of value that represents your company or brand well, is only available to email subscribers, and that starts a great relationship between you and your subscriber.

Second, commit to a regular email schedule

In order to build that know, like, and trust factor you’ll need to commit to a regular email schedule. There’s nothing more frustrating to a person than signing up for an email list and not receiving anything until there is something to sell. Businesses who excel at email marketing don’t use the email marketing system to only sell, but work in sales pitches and offers in a good mix of content, help, and information.

Third, consider using a drip campaign

What’s a drip campaign? A Drip campaign is a series of emails that are delivered automatically over a period of time. Most email providers like MailChimp, Aweber, and Constant Contact allow you the ability to create this kind of campaign if you pay for the service. You send a series of emails to new subscribers to get them used to receiving, opening, and reading your email.

Fourth, create templates for your most sent emails

In order to provide your email subscribers the most value and content, you’ll eventually see trends of what you send and how you want it to look. So, to make it easy for you or your team to create emails you should  creating templates that you can use and reuse over and over. Possible types could be:

  • Blog Post Template
  • Newsletter
  • Featured Product

There are obviously other possible templates you can make, so start tracking what you send and what things can be made into a template.


Hopefully, these tips you’ll find useful when you start or improve your email program; that you should create an awesome incentive, commit to a regular email schedule, consider using a drip campaign, and create templates of commonly used emails. If you do this, you should see better returns on your email marketing investment.

So, what about you, how do you make your email marketing program easier and what tips would you share to others who are using email marketing for their business? Leave a comment below with your tips!

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Five Crucial Steps for Email Marketing Success

[dropcap font=”” size=”3″ background=”” color=”” circle=”0″ transparent=”0″]W[/dropcap]hile nearly everyone in business works to grow their social media following through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (and that’s just a few), many businesses fail by not using the best social media tool there is. No, it’s not another new site, but it’s something that we are all hugely aware of and use; Email Marketing.

Email marketing may be a big surprise to many people who do some form of social media for their business. Perhaps they think that it’s not something that they should fool with, or the latest fad is something totally different. But, email is really the first form of social media, where content is created and shared. How many of you have ever forwarded an email to a friend or family member because you thought the content was valuable?

While this post isn’t about the mechanics of signing up for and starting an email service program this is about the way in which you use them.

First, always be growing your email marketing list

Just having email marketing isn’t enough. You must actively collect email subscribers. Growing your email list needs to combine both an online and offline approach paired with a strong incentive. More about that later. Offline, put a sign up sheet next to your cash registers or a form at your tables. Train your employees to always ask for customer’s email addresses. Online, you want to place a signup form on your company’s website and feature it prominently to get the maximum amount of eyes looking at it. Also use social media features to capture emails. For instance, Facebook allows you to place a call to action on your page, and others allow you to place a website link so use that to direct people to sign up for your email list.

Second, offer a great incentive to sign up

With so many people guarding their email addresses, its important to make giving you their email address worth it. This is usually something like an ebook, guide, or some other content that only can be accessed if they sign up. Examples include:

  • Ebook -Maybe a few chapters on your product or service.
  • A How-To Guide
  • Resource List (Top Tools for Business)
  • Coupon for a certain percentage off their next purchase

Using one of these incentives will kickstart your email marketing efforts.

Third, use great subject lines

Subject lines are critical to the success of emails being opened and read by your list. The best way I know how to do this is to first incorporate the subscriber’s first name in the subject line by using your email marketing system’s mail merge tag. Second, use phrases like, “Don’t miss this!” or Limited time.

Fourth, write great emails

If you go through the first three tips you’re well on your way to being successful email marketing. However, it needs to be said that you need to write really great email copy to succeed. Your subscribers want to see great email content that stands out amongst the rest. If your emails are subpar and lack the information and value they want from you, they’ll unsubscribe in a heart beat.

Fifth, sell in your email

Most email marketing systems allow a business to sell products or services in an email. Don’t neglect the ability to do this in your email. Whether it’s a product or service, your tribe is likely to buy from you if you sell your product or service via email.


Email marketing success isn’t hard, so long as you adhere to these five tips, to always grow your list, offer a great incentive to sign up, use great subject lines, write great emails, and sell in your email.

If you are already emailing as part of your business, what do you find works for you? How are you successful using email for your business?