Book Review: Launch by Jeff Walker

When my platform grows in both content and audience, I’ll consider creating a course, product, or book where I can further help inspire, educate, and grow my audience. That’s why most people start a business, to help others and provide more value to them. The same is true for many other businesses and people who want to make a difference. They create a product or service that they believe in and want to get that into as many people’s hands as possible.

Book Review Launch by Jeff Walker

When a product or course is ready, businesses think people will naturally flock to it, the reality is that it takes a massive amount of work to generate interest and make sales of your product or service. Without a way to launch a product you might be faced with poor sales, or worse, a financial disaster. How can we make sure that when we launch our products that we make sales, and that our business prospers? Enter Jeff Walker’s book Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Sell Anything Online. This post is a review of the book.

I heard of the book first through social media, where Jeff Walker was promoting it. He said that all I had to do was pay the shipping charge, and that was enough for me to get the book. Who exactly will refuse a free book, right?

Who is Jeff Walker?

Jeff Walker started his first online business when he was a stay-at-home dad taking care of two small children. The “business” was launched from a baby’s changing room – and it started with a free email newsletter sent to 19 people. That was in the Internet Dark Ages of 1996. since then, he’s been teaching people how to make millions of dollars online with his system called, “The Product Launch Formula”. He lives in Durango, CO, with his wife Mary and their dog Jenny. He has two grown children.

What is the Product Launch Formula?

The Product Launch Formula is a system developed by Jeff Walker where you use your list of email subscribers to sell your products. It consists of four sequences.

  1. Pre-Prelaunch
  2. Prelaunch
  3. Launch / Open Cart
  4. Post-Launch

Jeff says that you can you a your list to start building anticipation with your list and use this time to fine tune your offer by understanding the objections that your audience may have.

In this phase you use three pieces of high quality content, usually videos, but some folks find that other pieces of content works, like White Papers, Reports, etc. These pieces of content are released over a period of time, usually 5-12 days.

This phase is where you open your cart and announce that your product is now available for purchase. In this phase you have a sales sequence, and only have the cart open for a finite amount of time.

Here you clean up and follow up with both those that didn’t buy and those who did.

Lessons in the Book, Launch by Jeff Walker

Reading the book helped me see that there could be possibility and dare I say hope in building my business online. Almost immediately I wanted to start putting the pieces I learned into a launch of a really basic product or service. The desire to start was stoked from the various stories of people that used the PLF formula and grew their businesses and made great money doing it.

More specifically I learned that there is real power in the email list. The chapter on the email list is titled “Chapter 3: A License to Print Money: Your List”. so for anyone looking to start making money online or offline, they should be focusing their efforts in building their email list. Walker even goes through a process to set up your website or landing page to build your list and has additional material in the website for the book that you can download for free. I almost want to stop writing this post and start constructing my list building page and go through the exercises!

Mental Triggers

The next lesson I learned, and this is a close second to the email list, is that Walker goes through what I’ll call the psychology of selling, and what he calls “mental triggers”. it’s like buttons to push for people to make a decision and influence them to buy. In his book, he outlines 9 of them.

  1. Authority
  2. Reciprocity
  3. Trust
  4. Anticipation
  5. Likability
  6. Events and Ritual
  7. Community
  8. Scarcity
  9. Social Proof

I’ll let you read his book to discover more about the triggers, but I do want to highlight two; Reciprocity and Scarcity. Reciprocity is the idea that if you give something to someone, then they, in turn, will want to give something back to you. It works because when you are in the sequence of Prelaunch you are giving away a lot of free content that is high quality and of high value. When you launch, they’ll want to give back by purchasing the product. Scarcity is when you tell your audience that the product is only available for a limited time. It helps to increase sales because it forces your audience to make a decision.

Jeff teaches you more about the PLF Formula in sequential chapters, how to start your first launch using the Seed Launch Formula, and how to leverage your connections to sell more via a JV Launch.

Final Thoughts

I think that in the internet world, that everyone should read this book. You’ll learn a system that is proven to make money online and walk away with valuable lessons like I did. While those in the online space may think that there is too much “Launching” going on that there is fatigue, I think that the nature of selling stays the same, that there is a process to market, promote, and close buyers. The fact that you learn some psychology around selling is a great feature.

It’s always important to note that the ideas that are taught in any book are only as good as it’s execution. I need to put into practice the things he teaches and apply what I’ve learned.


Launch is a book written in 14 Chapters and includes a glossary of terms. It’s around 189 pages.


Purchasers of the book are able to download an electronic copy, as well as gain access to a few videos and other materials at a website,

Your Turn

Have you read Launch? If so what did you think of the book? if not, are you now thinking about it? Do you see a lot of “Launch Fatigue” on the internet now? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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