How to Make an Impact With Live Video

The business world is an ever changing landscape of new trends, concepts, ideas, and ways to serve your audience. As a business owner you are challenged everyday to keep up. The latest trend in social media is using live video on Facebook, Periscope, Instagram, among others to deliver a message to your customers or fans.

Now that live video is the latest thing in social media, the challenge is to use this tool to help your customers, grow your audience, and make an impact in the world. This post is going to help you get started and to help you make an impact with live streaming video.

You’ll want to have really great content

Whenever I talk with people who are starting on video or any social media almost always the conversation goes to gear and equipment. Don’t start there. Start with deciding on what you want to share with your audience. What valuable information would your customers want to learn from you? How can you really connect with them on a personal level? How can your content create “buzz” with your tribe and with others? That’s where to start. Deciding this will set you up for making an impact way more than what stuff to buy.

Chris Strub, who’s the first person to live stream in all 50 states, says “everyone starts with one heart and one follower. Speak on what you know without worrying about how many people are watching, and they will come.”

Be consistent with live video

The very first thing you should do is commit to being consistent. This means once a week, once a day, etc, you’re in front of the camera producing your live video content. Brian Fanzo, founder/CEO of iSocialFanz, LLC says in no uncertain terms to “Push the Damn Button. Perfection is a fairy tale and if you’re trying to be perfect or create a perfect live video you’ll never go live. Overall, push the button, go live, test, tweak, and learn as you go.”

The only way you can test and tweak is if you are being consistent with producing your live video. Consistency is a crucial element in the recipe for success. If you are consistent you’ll more likely develop the keys to building your brand; that people get to know you, that people start to like you, and that people come to trust you.

Make sure that you’re prepared

Whatever content you want to share, whether it’s tips for cooking, inspirational content, gear reviews, the latest stories, make sure that you’re prepared. Create an outline for your presentation, write out your speech, or do notecards, something that will make your video look prepared! No one wants to watch a video where someone rambles on or “ums” or “ahs” through their talk.

You’ll need the right equipment

Now that you have the right content and concepts for video now you can get the right gear. For video this can be quite simple, but necessary. What should you use? Well, there is plenty of power in your standard iPhone or Android device t but you may want to consider the following:

An iPhone video kit
This video kit contains a tripod, iPhone mount, and microphone.

Proper lighting
Lighting is crucial because without it, you can’t be seen and that’s the point of video. The good news is that if you have a room in your house or office that gets good sunlight, that’s all you need. Just produce your videos in a good sunlit room! Otherwise, you’ll want to purchase a three piece light kit.

A place to deliver them
Think of a small studio or set for you to do your video. Put a back drop up behind you and maybe put a picture or two?


My basic video kit

Live video is the latest trend in social media that businesses and brands are using to connect with their audience. Having great content, being consistent, making sure you’re prepared, and having good equipment is the way to make an impact with your audience.

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