The One Thing Entrepreneurs Forget, But Shouldn’t

Entrepreneurs know that there are lots to focus on when building a business from scratch. If you’re like me your main concern is to build up the business by getting more clients to provide your services and expertise to more people. It’s crucial because money in the bank is oxygen for your business.

The One Thing Entrepreneurs Forget, But Shouldnt

Therefore, entrepreneurs might focus on this area of your business the most. But, as an entrepreneur, you should not forget this one thing.

Let me begin by telling you a story about me. In my business I serve clients with their web, social media, and email marketing, and Evernote needs. I’m all about serving my clients, providing them with the help, expertise, and skill to use these tools for their business. I found myself putting my client’s needs first over my business.

Their website was updated, mine was not.

Their social media was current, mine had lapsed.

Their audience is going to get their latest email message. My audience hasn’t heard from me for weeks.

I had gotten to the point where I needed to make a choice.

Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business

That’s the one thing I (and you as a fellow entrepreneur) needed to realize. I was working in my business and not on my business. What’s the difference. I see working in your business as providing that service or product to your audience, serving them with excellence and integrity.

Working on your business is when you develop new products, establish procedures, define processes, train team members, etc. These activities are meant to help you put the structure in place for growth, order, and expansion in the long run.

Entrepreneurs who work in your business will eventually kill your business

I think that if you spend most of your time working in your business that it will ultimately kill your business. What I mean is that if you are spending all your time working with clients, you are stealing focus away from developing new products, services, establishing your company culture, and looking long term. Eventually, all your customers may be happy but you’ll be miserable because you’ve not spent the time to grow it, to serve more customers, to provide more solutions to them, and your company will suffer because you don’t have the internal infrastructure to grow long term.

Shift your mindset

I believe that every entrepreneur needs to have this mindset shift: work on the business first, work in the business second.

With this mindset shift you will not just think about your customers, you’ll begin to think about your business long term. You’ll think about processes and the things you won’t negotiate on. You’ll start to think bigger picture and give yourself the sanity and freedom to do the work you really love to do. You might return to the fundamentals of business:

Yes, you’ll still be serving your customers and clients, but you’ll realize that there are longer term projects and tasks to work on to serve more clients.


For a long time I have been placing my clients needs above my own. I realized that I needed to make a change in my approach and mindset to work on my business more than I work in it. All entrepreneurs need to work on their business first, then work in their business second.

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