Email Marketing: The Simple Way to Grow Your Business

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Frankfort, Inc. organization, I meet lots of business owners. They always say that their events or sales are poorly attended. It’s like they send their marketing campaign into a black hole, never to be seen, read, or heard. One thing I know from seeing these businesses in action is that they don’t use this one aspect of marketing. In this post, I’ll tell you why Email Marketing is the best and simplest way to grow your business.

woman at computer - email marketing

Most people I follow say they wish that they started building their email lists sooner. It’s cost them thousands, millions of dollars in lost revenue.

An Email List provides your company or your business a world of benefits.

Direct line of email marketing communication

While social media is great for some things, I think it’s lousy for keeping your customers informed in a timely fashion. The news you share could appear two to three days after you post it. With Email, you’ll always be able to directly contact a customer with the news. A personalized email to your audience can really make a difference in your marketing and business.

One thing that an email list is going to provide you is a hard list of your customers that stay with you no matter what. Social Media could change in such a way that you don’t have access to your customers’ information. With your email list, you have an email list to always be in communication with your list. What if your website goes down? You still can set up processes where you can make sales through your email list.

Data to drive decisions

Using most email marketing software like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Aweber, et. al. will let you see who opens your email, who don’t open your email, and things like your Open Rate (how many people opened your email to your list) and your click through rate (how many people clicked links in your email). Read more about how to increase open rates here.

With this information you can determine when the best time to send emails would be, the best subject lines to use in your messages, and the best way to write your emails.

Developed dependability

Over time, your audience will come to expect the email that you send out on a consistent basis.  I have signed up for numerous email lists over the years, and some businesses or personalities have been part of my morning routine for years. I get up, have breakfast, and read the latest blog post in my email. It became part of my routine to always hear from them in the morning. This is huge for you as a business owner because you are developing your customers into fans who love what you do.


Email marketing is the simple way to grow your business because it will give you a direct line of communication to your customers, the information to make better decisions, and a way to develop your customers into fans and loyal members of your customer base.

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