Get Out of Your Office!

Meet Your Customers

Because I can work from practically anywhere, it’s tempting to stay in my office at home, writing, researching, discovering something new. The problem is that these things don’t bring me business, but they can make me more prepared for my clients and future customers.

picture of a man walking with a briefcase get out of your office

What I need to do, and what I think most people in business should do is to get out of your office and meet people.

In my hometown we have lots of events downtown and around the city. Lately, I’ve seen a lady who is starting a pet sitting service. She goes to people’s homes, walks their dog, and maybe has in home day care. This woman is everywhere wearing her company’s t-shirt and handing out business cards. She has handed me at least five cards and my wife about the same. She’s smart too, because she only talks to those with dogs on leashes because clearly that’s her target market.

Get out of your office for exposure

Let’s be honest, people usually don’t know that they need your services or product. It’s up to you to make them realize that they do. Your customers need to hear from you and sometimes the best way to do that is to go knocking on doors and shaking hands with people. I’ve created a brochure that outlines my services, a few of my clients, and a way to contact me for more information.

For me, it’s like going back to my political campaign days. I love getting a list and looking at a map and devising a strategy to go and knock on businesses doors. Instead of votes, I want your business. And in a sales environment, I love the anticipation of meeting someone and them saying “YES!” to what I have to offer.

Get out of your office to experiment

You started your business with an idea. Now it’s time to test it. When you get out ask questions to see if in fact there is a need for your idea. You might learn that you don’t want to provide one of the services you thought, and your customers might suggest new ideas that you hadn’t considered.

You can also test your “elevator speech” and copy on print materials. During my campaign days I got really good at my spiel. In the same way you can get really good with your presentation through practice.

Get out of your office to evaluate

With the feedback that you get from your interactions, you’ll now have a better idea about your product or service. When you spoke with the people you did, were you paying attention? They were leaving you clues as to what your product or service should be. You can take that information and rework your product or your service based on data you’ve gotten.

This tip or idea might be great if you’re an extrovert or have no problem with meeting new people. If you’re more introverted, you might just need to start with the people in your immediate network of people and then branch out from there. Join a business networking group or mastermind. It might be slower, but the results will be the same.


Building your business or strengthening an existing one means developing your products and services. Though it also means getting to know the people who could be your next client or customer. Getting out of your office is the best way to do that in any business.

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