How to Weather the Crisis of Disbelief

The Mindset Shift You Need to Succeed

how to weather the crisis of disbelief

In this post, I am writing a little “Monday Motivation” for all you men and women in your business who find the day’s and week’s activities are a little daunting and overwhelming. We all face the stress of a new week and maybe you’re struggling with disbelief.

Your business is about a product, service, or  idea that is unique and different than anyone else in the marketplace. At some point, you have run into a crisis. This crisis is believing that what you are doing is worth it, is working, and you are being effective. Really you are struggling with disbelief.

How to Organize Evernote to Manage Your Projects

If you work for yourself or with others in a company setting I’m sure that you will get to complete projects from time to time in your business. Whether it’s a new product that you’re working on, or client or customer work you need to have a solid way of getting that project done. It’s critical that you get these things done on time or without error so you keep business or make deadlines. In this post, you’ll discover how you can organize Evernote for project management.

Evernote for Project Management

A project is something that you and or your team will take several steps to complete. it’s not just done with one step. This project may take two steps, or hundreds more. Evernote is the perfect way to manage the completion of them.

The One Thing Entrepreneurs Forget, But Shouldn’t

Entrepreneurs know that there are lots to focus on when building a business from scratch. If you’re like me your main concern is to build up the business by getting more clients to provide your services and expertise to more people. It’s crucial because money in the bank is oxygen for your business.

The One Thing Entrepreneurs Forget, But Shouldnt

Therefore, entrepreneurs might focus on this area of your business the most. But, as an entrepreneur, you should not forget this one thing.