Top 5 Ways to Become a Twitter Power User

Twitter is one of the most well known social media platforms. It’s been around since 2006! Still many people have yet to sign up and use Twitter and even those who sign up for Twitter don’t know how to really get started using their account once they sign up. Here are five ways to become a Twitter power user.

Top Five Ways to Become a Twitter Power User

Let’s just assume that you have already signed up and have an account in place? How do you make your little bird soar?

First, become a Twitter power user by downloading Tweetdeck

In my opinion, the best way to take advantage of more of the features of Twitter is to download Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck allows you to send tweets, direct messages, and schedule tweets to be sent in the future. You can do all this through the web interface at Twitter, but as I show you the other tips, Tweetdeck is the best way to keep everything together. It looks a little bit like the Matrix, but with time you’ll make sense of it and it will be like second nature to you.

screenshot of Tweetdeck twitter power user

Tweetdeck for Mac
If you are a PC, you can only use Tweetdeck via the web.

Second, set your account to public

Twitter is social media. Social media is meant to be a way to connect with one another online in an open manner, like you would in a conference or seminar. You can lock your account so that people have to request to follow you, but nothing says, “I’m not social on social media” like a locked account. People do want to connect with you just like you want to connect with them. That added step is a big barrier. It’s like you’re a grumpy old man yelling at children to “Get off my lawn”! Don’t be a grumpy old man on Twitter (unless you really are an old man).

picture of locked twitter accoun

Third, be smart and thoughtful about who you follow and your followers

This is open for debate, but I think that the number of people you follow should always be less than the number of people follow you. Why? I think it says that people find what you tweet less valuable and that you’re more of a consumer of media than a producer. I should probably write more on this topic, but for now this is my best advice. You don’t have to follow everyone back, just those who you really find interesting and worth a follow.

Use Twitter Lists

picture of mashable's social media list

Think outside the box with your follower strategy. Twitter always shows the accounts that follow you and the accounts you follow. But, Twitter allows you to create public and private lists of accounts. Doing so still lets you keep a pulse on what certain people are saying or tweeting, but not show up as connections. In business, you could add people who tweet out that they are at your shop to a customer list. For advocacy, you could keep a list of people who are friendly to your cause. With politics you could create a list of journalists, Democrats, Republicans, etc. Making these lists public could help your community who want to follow people of similar interests, but if you want to be stealthy about it, make lists private so no one knows what you’re doing.

Fourth, set your preference to receive direct messages from anyone

Twitter allows you to send private messages that aren’t public. By default, these direct messages can only be received if you follow them. What if you’re a business account and there is someone who wants to ask for help or service and decides to direct message you? If you don’t follow them they aren’t able to send you that message. Setting your account to receive DMs from anyone is an additional way to be open an social with others and help people contact you for your services and products.

Fifth, use Twitter’s search function to extend your listening power

There are, on average, 6,000 tweets sent a second, according to That’s an awesome amount of information, conversations, updates, and data to comb through. Twitter power users will use Twitter’s search function to find Tweets that they are interested in. Search for keywords and industry terms. For instance, I’m an Evernote Certified Consultant. I have a column in Tweetdeck where every tweet that has “evernote” in it and is in English appears in my dashboard. That way I can keep up with the conversation on Twitter about Evernote. Decide what you want to keep track of and create a search.


If you’ve signed up for Twitter and want to become a power user, download Tweetdeck, set your account to public, use lists and a thoughtful follower/following strategy, allow direct messages from everyone, and use search to extend your listening and interaction.

Question: How do you currently use Twitter? Do you see yourself as a ‘power user’? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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