001: Adventures in Solopreneurship “Brochures”

Old school marketing in a new media age

Adventures in Solopreneurship

In this episode, I share a story about old school marketing, even in the new media marketing age.


Even if you are creating an online business, you may still want to have a few brochures made to give to people in your community.

Brochure Creation:

  • Use a site like Canva.com to make a quick brochure for free.
  • Pexels has great free stock imagery
  • Staples, for printing them. (Beware, some shops might be a headache…)
  • Things take longer than expected

Why it’s important to get out of your office

  • Test your message
  • Build your network
  • Gain Exposure
  • Generate sales

Here’s a picture of my brochure:


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