Why I’m Headed to the Digital Crossroads

The Midwest's best Digital Conference of the Year

Business owners, leaders, digital marketers, and consultants converge once again to the Digital Crossroads.  While we are not gathering to make a deal with Mark Zuckerberg, we are in fact getting together to learn from the best in the business in a two day conference. I think you should too.

Why I'm Headed to the Digital Crossroads

Business is increasingly moving from a traditional advertising methodology and embracing an all digital approach, if not a hybrid of both. The hottest trend is influencer marketing. Learn more about it!

Here are a few of my top reasons why I’m going to go to Digital Crossroads

I’m going to Digital Crossroads to Learn

Digital Media changes as fast as derby horses can run, and I want to make sure that I get the latest techniques, trends, and tools that will help me in my business. Also, with some very big names coming this year, I’m sure that I’ll glean nuggets of wisdom from their stories, successes, and failures. With out a doubt, I’ll come out of the conference with new ideas to take action on and new things to put into practice. No matter your level of expertise you’re sure to learn something new to put into your playbook or marketing toolbox.

I’m going to Digital Crossroads to Network

Digital Crossroads promises to bring a wide variety of people together. Several large businesses will be there as sponsors, and most of Louisville’s digital agency crowd will be in attendance. If you’re in business yourself maybe this would be a great time to talk to an agency and explore getting your digital marketing started and do what you know you need to do for your business. Maybe you’re looking for the next opportunity to work for an agency? Here’s the perfect place to start your journey. Or you’re a digital marketer and you want to expand your professional network it’s a perfect way to broaden your connections.

I’m going to Digital Crossroads to Schmooze

I’m really excited about the lineup of speakers this year at Digital Crossroads. Anybody serious about building their business needs serious speakers. Some of them right now include:

  • Mark Schaefer
  • Amy Schmittauer
  • Alex Priest

Mark Schaefer is among the world’s most recognized social media marketing authorities and has been a keynote speaker at conferences such as Social Media Week London, SXSW, National Economic Development Association, Word of Mouth Marketing Conference Tokyo, National Association of State CIOs, and the Institute for International and European Affairs (an EU think tank). Mark has lectured at Oxford University, Carnegie-Mellon University, Princeton, and many other prestigious institutions.

Amy Schmittauer is known for her edutainment style in everything she teaches, Amy has also built a name as an internationally-acclaimed public speaker. Walking on stage from her hometown of Columbus, Ohio to many places all over the World, she has achieved high marks at some of the most influential marketing events such as Social Media Marketing World and Hubspot’s Inbound.

Alex Preist is the chief of staff of Marketing at Uber.

In fact, if I don’t get a picture and a signed copy of Amy’s book I’m gonna be really upset. And, lastly, if you are going this year, read my post on how to use Evernote for Conferences


Conferences are a great way to learn, to network, and schmooze with big names in the industry if you’re lucky! Digital Crossroads will be a great way to do all of those soon. Digital Crossroads will be at the Holiday Inn East in Louisville, Just off I-64 and on Hurstbourne on November 2-3. Details here: Louisville Digital Association’s Digital Crossroads

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