Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

How People Use Search Engines

This is the third post in a series on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Last week, I shared with you how search engines work. Now, in this post I’ll share how people use search engines.

Intro to SEO- How People Use Search Engine Optimization

Marketing, and especially search engine optimization marketing starts with building your sites not for search engines, but for people. This is important because people are your end user, and ultimately your customer.

Building and optimizing your site for humans/users is best because it will actually help your users find you on search.

What do humans search for?

There are generally three types of searches that a person performs on search:

  1. Transactional – I want to do a thing, like buy a bottle of wine or watch a certain video
  2. Informational – I want to know something, like where to eat or the name of an actor in a movie
  3. Navigational – I want to go somewhere, like a website address or place on the internet

The underlying question that search tries to answer is whether or not the user will be satisfied with the results. This is the primary thing Google does, is to give relevant answers to users questions.

What you need to do is ask what your ideal customers are looking for and make sure that your website delivers what your customers are looking for. This is a key step in search engine optimization.

Why should I do this?

There are some really compelling arguments for doing search engine optimization in this way. Lots of researchers have found:


Build and optimize your site for your users and who you want to have as ideal customer. Your customers will typically do transactional, informational, and navigational searches. Finally, optimizing your site for search engine optimization has lots of benefits, like traffic to your site, increased usability, and exposure to customers.

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