Book Review: Launch by Jeff Walker

When my platform grows in both content and audience, I’ll consider creating a course, product, or book where I can further help inspire, educate, and grow my audience. That’s why most people start a business, to help others and provide more value to them. The same is true for many other businesses and people who want to make a difference. They create a product or service that they believe in and want to get that into as many people’s hands as possible.

Book Review Launch by Jeff Walker

When a product or course is ready, businesses think people will naturally flock to it, the reality is that it takes a massive amount of work to generate interest and make sales of your product or service. Without a way to launch a product you might be faced with poor sales, or worse, a financial disaster. How can we make sure that when we launch our products that we make sales, and that our business prospers? Enter Jeff Walker’s book Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Sell Anything Online. This post is a review of the book.

New Announcement: I’m an Evernote Certified Consultant!

Evernote Certified Consultant


• Evernote is a cloud based application used by 20,000 businesses worldwide and has more than 200 million users worldwide

• Gaby joins over 300 consultants worldwide and over 150 in the USA

• Gaby is first Kentuckian to earn Evernote Certified Consultant designation

• More information online is available at

Frankfort, KY – August 29, 2016: Jonathan Gaby, a Frankfort, KY based entrepreneur, web developer, and social media strategist is now Kentucky’s first Evernote Certified Consultant.  He is now recognized by Evernote Corporation as an expert in the implementation of Evernote in a business, organization, and individual’s work.

Evernote is a cloud based software application that lets businesses and organizations collect information and research and collaborate together on work so that they can move their business’s goals forward.  Gaby is trained extensively on the analysis of an entity’s needs and how to best implement Evernote as a central workspace for their employees. He can work remotely or in house to implement Evernote as a solution to project management, file storage, and work. 

“I’m excited to bring my passion for Evernote and its services to Kentucky’s businesses and non-profits to make their work easier and more organized!” said Jonathan Gaby, Evernote Certified Consultant.  “Jonathan has passed our rigorous training program, scored well in his exams, and is now ready to assist businesses and organizations to use Evernote for their work.” said Joshua Zerkel, Director of Global Community, Channels and Training at Evernote.

To become an Evernote Certified Consultant a person must have an active consulting practice and pass the Evernote Certified Consultant training program.

About Jonathan Gaby: Jonathan Gaby is an Evernote Certified Consultant, web developer, social media strategist, and email marketing expert for small to mid size businesses and non-profit organizations. He believes in better living through technology.  For more information visit

About Evernote: Evernote apps and products create a modern workspace that gives people the tools they need to achieve more every day. A privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, California, Evernote has offices in nine countries and more than 200 million users worldwide. For more information about Evernote and its products, visit

Website Photos: How to Create Great Graphics

Great Website Photos

Whether your business is online or a brick-and-mortar your website is key to telling people about who you are, what you do, and how you can help. This website is a reflection of your brand, your business, and your overall style. Having a great website combines great design, including fonts, colors, and layout. It should also include great content, from text for visitors to read, videos for visitors to watch and learn from, and compelling graphics to see.  In this post, I’ll share with you ways in which you can create great website photos.

Create a Graphic Standard for Your Website Photos

Before you get started you’ll want to decide on some sort of graphic standard for all the website photos you’ll create. Essentially you’re making decisions on how your images will look across the board by creating rules to follow. These might be:

  • Fonts to use for title, subheading, and body text
  • Dimensions of images for blog post titles and other types of pictures
  • Colors for certain elements like text

Choose the Right Tools

Next, you’ll need the appropriate tool to create your website photos.  While in the old days you needed a rather large program and the expertise to use it, nowadays there are several programs that you can use for free and don’t require you to have a lot of technical know-how.

A few of them are:

Canva is my personal favorite. It is totally online so you can create website photos from anywhere you have access to the internet. What’s nice about Canva is that they already have dimensions of popular graphics created these days like social media graphics for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and others as well as blog post titles and general images. You are allowed to import your own photos and stock photography to use in your images, and if you need to search stock photography for your images you can purchase their images for $1.00 each and you can reuse those purchased items in future work.

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark is a new tool to create graphics online for free. It allows you to create website photos, posts (like a blog post entry), and videos. Adobe spark works in a similar fashion but where Canva seems to concentrate more on the type of graphic you make, Adobe spark seems to be more text centric. It asks, what do you want to say, and then where do you want to say it (which social media platform, blog post, etc.)

Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is the industry standard for image creation and photo manipulation. While I prefer using Canva (and will probably start using Adobe Spark more often now) I still find myself using Photoshop for some website photos. I find I can’t knock out backgrounds on some photos for use in other graphics on Canva so I still turn to my trusty Photoshop. It’s the industry standard for a reason and for most graphic work it is way too powerful but I would suggest everyone be at least familiar with it for future use.

Save Those Photos for Future Use

Finally, you’ll want to keep those website photos safe for reuse.  With all this hard work you do to create images for your website you’ll want to make sure that those images are available in an archive or some other space. You could save them all on a local folder on a computer, but I would suggest you back them up on a cloud storage device like one of these below:

That way you can always have a copy accessible no matter where you are. Some services are free while some charge a monthly fee.

Creating website photos for your business website is a great way to increase and enforce your brand. You should create graphics for your blog, social media, and email marketing messages. Fortunately there are a few tools you can use to create them and they are easy to use. 

How do you create graphics for your business? What other tools are there that you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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