Top 5 Ways to Become a Twitter Power User

Twitter is one of the most well known social media platforms. It’s been around since 2006! Still many people have yet to sign up and use Twitter and even those who sign up for Twitter don’t know how to really get started using their account once they sign up. Here are five ways to become a Twitter power user.

Top Five Ways to Become a Twitter Power User

Let’s just assume that you have already signed up and have an account in place? How do you make your little bird soar?

How Search Engines Work

Part 2 of Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Last week, I talked about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. What it is, why you need it, and who can do it. To understand search engine optimization, you need to understand how search engines work.

picture of men looking at public transit routes - search engine optimization

You can’t optimize your site if you don’t understand the way that search engines like Google and Bing work. Let’s learn how today!

How to Build Your Personal Brand Online

I believe that everyone should work to build your personal brand online. You might be wondering, Jonathan, why do I need to build a brand online? I have a good job and I have a family and so I really don’t know why I should need to build a brand. I also don’t know what you mean and what you need to do it well. These are all great concerns and I hope to address them here.

how to build your personal brand online

You might think that building a personal brand is hard and complex. Well, it’s really not. In this post I’ll share with you the steps to take to get started. Let’s go!

How Evernote Makes Meetings Magnificient

If you’re in business, it’s inevitable that you meet with clients or fellow staff to kickoff a project, provide status updates, or discuss internal company matters. Meetings can often go for hours, robbing the entire company of precious work time to complete or make progress on projects, or make headway on the company’s new initiative. Fortunately, if you’re an Evernote user, you can use Evernote for meetings, keeping them productive and a positive experience for everyone.

How Evernote Makes Meetings Magnificient

Meetings that are run well can have a positive effect on the morale of your company, contribute to the progress of business goals, and keep your clients and or customers happy with the work you do. Meetings that aren’t well run, well, don’t do any of these things. Discover how to use Evernote in a positive way below.