Why Nearly Every Business Should Join The Chamber of Commerce

Business owners who make a product or provide a service need to get their goods to market in their community and region. Also, business is hard work and owners should surround themselves with a community of fellow business owners. Whatever business you’re in, might I suggest you join the chamber of commerce in your city?

picture of man seated in office reading the business section of the news paper - Why Nearly Every Business Should Join The Chamber of Commerce

In this post, you’ll discover why I joined mine, and why you should join yours.

Why I’m Headed to the Digital Crossroads

The Midwest's best Digital Conference of the Year

Business owners, leaders, digital marketers, and consultants converge once again to the Digital Crossroads.  While we are not gathering to make a deal with Mark Zuckerberg, we are in fact getting together to learn from the best in the business in a two day conference. I think you should too.

Why I'm Headed to the Digital Crossroads

Business is increasingly moving from a traditional advertising methodology and embracing an all digital approach, if not a hybrid of both. The hottest trend is influencer marketing. Learn more about it!

How to Build Your Personal Brand Online

I believe that everyone should work to build your personal brand online. You might be wondering, Jonathan, why do I need to build a brand online? I have a good job and I have a family and so I really don’t know why I should need to build a brand. I also don’t know what you mean and what you need to do it well. These are all great concerns and I hope to address them here.

how to build your personal brand online

You might think that building a personal brand is hard and complex. Well, it’s really not. In this post I’ll share with you the steps to take to get started. Let’s go!