How to Battle Loneliness in Entrepreneurship

photo of a man alone loneliness in entrepreneurship

For years I’ve worked in corporate jobs where I got used to the routines of going to my office, interacting with coworkers, and the camaraderie that it built. In my last corporate job, I loved going to work where my boss was awesome to work for and my colleagues were the best around. It felt like family with the holiday dinners and birthday celebrations. All that changed when we were downsized and I got the opportunity to build my own business and become an entrepreneur. Almost overnight my morning commute was shortened to a walk down to my basement office and I was the only one I’d see all day. It was then that I had to learn how to battle loneliness in entrepreneurship.

The transition was, and still is, hard to deal with. Even though I was home I felt like I was in some sort of solitary confinement and the lack of social interaction was jarring to say the least. My wife would go to work where her lunches were often catered by sales reps in her industry. I’d be left with leftovers from the night before or the basic lunch of a sandwich. In this post I’ll share what I learned and how you can succeed in your entrepreneurship journey.