Master Evernote: All About The Note

Evernote is the leading note taking and organizational application designed to keep your life organized and productive in your business and personal life. In this post I’ll share with you every feature that you have available to you in a Note.

picture of a computer desktop Master Evernote: The Note

The best way I know to learn a tool or application is just to use it and use it often. Let’s get started learning everything about the Note.

How Evernote Makes Meetings Magnificient

If you’re in business, it’s inevitable that you meet with clients or fellow staff to kickoff a project, provide status updates, or discuss internal company matters. Meetings can often go for hours, robbing the entire company of precious work time to complete or make progress on projects, or make headway on the company’s new initiative. Fortunately, if you’re an Evernote user, you can use Evernote for meetings, keeping them productive and a positive experience for everyone.

How Evernote Makes Meetings Magnificient

Meetings that are run well can have a positive effect on the morale of your company, contribute to the progress of business goals, and keep your clients and or customers happy with the work you do. Meetings that aren’t well run, well, don’t do any of these things. Discover how to use Evernote in a positive way below.

How to Build Your Network With Evernote

As I start my business providing web, social media, and email marketing services to small businesses, I need to build my network of leads, clients, colleagues, and resources. The process is tedious, slow, and sometimes disorganized. Frankly, it’s a part of my business that I’m not great at and I realized I needed to get a process together to manage my networking. As a business leader, you’re probably right there with me. In this post, you’ll learn how to build your network with Evernote.

image of conference hall - build network evernote

It used to be that when I attended conferences, seminars, and other events I would come home with a stack of business cards. I’d type in the information on them and keep them for future reference. Sometimes it would take me a week to whittle down the stack as I would do a little each day. I needed a better way. Fortunately, I found a better system through Evernote.

How to Organize Evernote to Manage Your Projects

If you work for yourself or with others in a company setting I’m sure that you will get to complete projects from time to time in your business. Whether it’s a new product that you’re working on, or client or customer work you need to have a solid way of getting that project done. It’s critical that you get these things done on time or without error so you keep business or make deadlines. In this post, you’ll discover how you can organize Evernote for project management.

Evernote for Project Management

A project is something that you and or your team will take several steps to complete. it’s not just done with one step. This project may take two steps, or hundreds more. Evernote is the perfect way to manage the completion of them.