How to Increase Email Open Rates

Four strategies to ensure your customers read your email.

You’re a busy business owner that works really hard every day to make money, increase your profits, and provide for your family. You’re diligent about collecting information from your customers, like email addresses. It’s a critical part of your marketing efforts. Because you’re working so hard, you want to make sure as many people read your emails you send, but how do you increase email open rates?

How to Increase Email Open Rates

It’s frustrating. You put out forms to fill out in your store, on your website, and through social media. Even though your email is great, for some reason it doesn’t get read like you hoped. This post will show you the top techniques to ensure that your messages are opened, read, and acted on.

Book Review: Launch by Jeff Walker

When my platform grows in both content and audience, I’ll consider creating a course, product, or book where I can further help inspire, educate, and grow my audience. That’s why most people start a business, to help others and provide more value to them. The same is true for many other businesses and people who want to make a difference. They create a product or service that they believe in and want to get that into as many people’s hands as possible.

Book Review Launch by Jeff Walker

When a product or course is ready, businesses think people will naturally flock to it, the reality is that it takes a massive amount of work to generate interest and make sales of your product or service. Without a way to launch a product you might be faced with poor sales, or worse, a financial disaster. How can we make sure that when we launch our products that we make sales, and that our business prospers? Enter Jeff Walker’s book Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Sell Anything Online. This post is a review of the book.

Why I’m Switching to CoSchedule

Building my business is really hard work. One of my biggest pain points for me is writing great content on this blog and promoting that content to my audience, social media subscribers, and my email list. For me, I’ve been using Evernote in a process to create and publish blog post articles, but I still have problems promoting the posts on social media. So, I am adding CoSchedule to my workflow for content creation and marketing.

image of the homepage for CoSchedule

For me, the reasons are clear. I needed a way to integrate my process in Evernote with my blog built on WordPress. Further, I needed to add features like ReQueue so that older posts and those with more evergreen flavor could be added and promoted without my direct involvement.

What else did I find helpful? Read on for my review of CoSchedule.

How To Wow Your Audience in Your Next Presentation

Businessmen and professionals from time to time get to attend conferences to learn from top experts in their field in marketing, law, finance, or other aspect of business. You probably have enjoyed many conferences and learned a tremendous amount of information to take back to your company or office to take your work to the next level. I’ve been to some great conferences with dynamic speakers and great information that has fired me up and inspired me to work harder, smarter, and better.

How To Wow Your Audience in Your Next Presentation

But, sometimes I have been to conferences that are abysmal and lack inspiration, passion, and the content is really bad too. If you have ever shared that experience, you know that you don’t want to ever give a presentation to others that lacks passion, professionalism, and polish. In this post, I share with you ways in which you can wow your audience in your next presentation!