Whether you’re a civic organization, chamber of commerce, or professional group you know from time to time you’d like your members to enjoy positive, inspiring, and encouraging messages from people who are engaging, entertaining, and informative.

You know that the success of any event hinges on the quality of speakers you have. This page is meant to provide you all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision on who you’ll bring in for your next event.

I thank you for your consideration. I’m excited about the opportunity to speak to your group!


This page gives you an overview of what I can give to you, along with what you can expect from me when you select me as a speaker. You can click on the links below to take you directly to the relevant sections.

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What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. I will promptly and professionally reply to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. I will personally conduct a phone consultation with you prior to your event to better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  3. I will announce your event on my website, social media channels, and email list. (Assuming your event is open to the public and you’d like the publicity.)
  4. I will deliver a professionally prepared, enthusiastic presentation focused on achieving your goals with your audience.
  5. I will create an exclusive resource page for your audience that includes the presentation and additional bonus material to use after the event.
  6. I will follow up with you after the event to ensure that I met or exceeded your expectations and desires.

About Me

I have been speaking publicly for around 5 years now to various groups and organizations including Rotary clubs, Chambers of Commerce, and other civic groups.

Professionally I work with businesses and individuals to create an online platform. This could mean a website, social media networking, or just an email marketing plan. I have years of business experience, and bring a wide variety of experiences to bear on my work.

I spend my time working with clients to get them going online or honing in on their use of online media.

My platform highlights include:

  • Over 2,000 Twitter Followers
  • Over 700 Facebook Fans

I am happily married to my wife, Mel, for over 3 years. We have no children, yet, but are parents to a year old beagle named Shilo. We live in Frankfort Kentucky, which allows me to travel to many locations around the state and available to you!


My Most Requested Topics

As an online communications professional I speak on a wide variety of topics including websites, social media, and email marketing. My goal is to help you make sense of these topics and leave inspired to use them in a much more efficient and easier way than before. Below are a few of my most requested topics.

Making Sense of Email Marketing
Making Sense of Email Marketing: Email Marketing is a crucial part of any business or brand’s marketing arsenal. Without it, your customers and audience may miss important aspects of your business. Learn how to use email marketing to keep your audience and customers engaged! More »
Top Trends in Social Media
Top Trends in Social Media: Social Media is an ever changing landscape of accounts, services, and mediums. Algorithms change and strategy along with it. In this talk I’ll let you know what the top trends are in social media and how you can use them to increase your business, brand awareness, and bottom line.More »
Evernote for Small Business
Evernote for Small Business: Evernote is a cloud based application that runs on all devices. Using Evernote will help you stay organized, productive, and efficient in your own work and in work across teams and organizations. Disover the features that will help you at work!More »

If there is something that isn’t here that you’d love for me to cover in an upcoming event, let me know!

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