About Jonathan Gaby

Hello, I am Jonathan Gaby, your online communications professional and Evernote Certified Consultant. I create websites, implement and maintain social media plans, and help you stay connected with your audience or customers via email marketing.  As an Evernote Certified Consultant I am also qualified to assist you or your business incorporate and use Evernote for your business.


When you started your business you had a dream of providing a service or product to customers to bring about a better world for them. You didn’t think that so much of your time would be spent on marketing online through social media, your website, or through email marketing. You’re not a marketing expert, you just want to make your customers happy and provide for your family.

Fortunately for you it doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated, or time consuming. I bring years of experience building websites, managing various social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), creating email newsletters, and the technical know how to bring any concept to realization. I can help you succeed in your business.

Professionally I have served a wide variety of clients. From local businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs and performers, to political candidates seeking elected office. I have a proven track record of growing audiences on social media and email marketing and driving sales online.  I have the distinction of being the first Evernote Certified Consultant in Kentucky.

I am a proud member of the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Frankfort, Inc., and on the board of  The Louisville Digital Association.

By hobby, I’m also a singer, actor, and dancer for regional theatres and a member of the prestigious The Lexington Singers, out of Lexington Kentucky. I’ve participated in StartUp WeekendsWordcamps, and spoken to local chambers of commerce and civic clubs about social media.

I am originally from the small town of Campbellsville, KY and now call Frankfort, KY home. I started my college career at Northern Kentucky University, and finished up at Campbellsville University.

Evernote Certified Consultant


About You

You are a business leader who knows he or she should be leveraging online media to drive business, increase your organization’s awareness, or build your own platform to start your own business.

You might say:

  • I don’t know how to get started.
  • I don’t have time to deal with all this and run my business.
  • This is too complicated for me.

I know that being an effective business leader is tough and complicated. Add in social media, website development and maintenance, and email marketing, and it may just be enough to pull your hair out.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be!

That’s where you call me, your online communications pro. I’ll help you make sense of social media, to cut through the noise, to make it simple.

What Can I Expect?

My goal and intent in writing this blog and content is to help you, the busy business leader, make sense of social media, online marketing, and technology. From best practices, tips, tricks, and tutorials, I hope to help you in your social media and online journey.

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