How to Organize Tweetdeck for Twitter

The best tool I know to become a Twitter power user is Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck is an application for Mac and available for PC users via the web. Tweetdeck, when you first look at it looks daunting. But, in this post I show you how to organize Tweetdeck for Twitter so you can use Twitter to the fullest.

How to Organize Tweetdeck For Twitter

All it takes is a little bit of work in the beginning. Once set up, Tweetdeck for Twitter will be your best social media friend. Read on to find out how to use Tweetdeck the best!

Top 5 Ways to Become a Twitter Power User

Twitter is one of the most well known social media platforms. It’s been around since 2006! Still many people have yet to sign up and use Twitter and even those who sign up for Twitter don’t know how to really get started using their account once they sign up. Here are five ways to become a Twitter power user.

Top Five Ways to Become a Twitter Power User

Let’s just assume that you have already signed up and have an account in place? How do you make your little bird soar?

Top Ten WordPress Plugins to Power Up Your Site

There are many tools that you can use to manage content on your website. My personal favorite is WordPress. It’s free to download and run and completely open source. That means that if you can modify it in any way you want. There are some things that WordPress can’t do, which require add-ons called Plugins. In this post, you’ll know what the top ten WordPress plugins you need for every WordPress site.

Top Ten Wordpress Plugins to Power Up Your Site


With so many plugins to choose from it may be hard to choose which ones to use and it largely depends on what you need to do. Regardless of what kind of site you have here are what I think every WordPress site needs.

How to Get Started With Twitter

Building Your Business 140 Characters at a Time

Twitter has been around for about eleven years. ¬†Even though it’s been one of the oldest social media channels, businesses are still hesitant to embrace it. Businesses say they don’t understand it, they don’t know how to start, and it’s hard to keep up with the channel. In this post, I’ll help you get started with Twitter, the 140 character social media platform.

how to get started with Twitter

I understand that most businesses want to do things right. There’s always a certain tinge of perfection in the air. By the time you read this post, you’ll have the information you need to get on the right path on the social media channel.