002. Adventures in Solopreneurship “Just Do You”

Adventures in Solopreneurship

In this episode, I talk about how solopreneurs need to focus on themselves and not being like everyone else.

Solopreneurs have a really tough job, with needing to take care of all the responsibilities of starting, growing, and building a business.

Comparison to others is really not a good idea.

Focus on being you.

Focus on what you need to do on your business not just in it.

Enjoy the journey!

Master Evernote: All About Notebooks

Evernote is a cloud based application for powerful organization, productivity, and collaboration. It combines a core feature set of notes, notebooks, and tags to create workflows, systems, and processes for your work. The Evernote Notebook is the feature in this post.

MMaster the Evernote Notebook

Here, I will share with you how to set up a notebook and some other tips about using notebooks in Evernote. Are you ready to start? Let’s go!

How to Organize Tweetdeck for Twitter

The best tool I know to become a Twitter power user is Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck is an application for Mac and available for PC users via the web. Tweetdeck, when you first look at it looks daunting. But, in this post I show you how to organize Tweetdeck for Twitter so you can use Twitter to the fullest.

How to Organize Tweetdeck For Twitter

All it takes is a little bit of work in the beginning. Once set up, Tweetdeck for Twitter will be your best social media friend. Read on to find out how to use Tweetdeck the best!